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Horrendous lack of updates but its just been a boring runbad month, nothing much to write about

So yeah basically I get owned at cash games. I'm down £20k in the fun 5/10 game at DTD which is pretty sigh but at lesat I had fun for my £20k. Thats over about 2000 hands so just a casual -100bb/100. gg boys.

My attempt at cash online went equally badly, running about £3k under EV for the month there too so back I go to the heads up SNGs. Been crushing though for a ~7% ROI over 650ish games with a $170ish average buyin. Had a run at trying to get £5k in rakeback for this month but no dice, was on pace until a few days ago and had a pretty lazy sunday this week so I'll have to settle for less. As usual I managed to miss the weekly heads up on stars but it was the clocks changing in the US putting everything forward an hour that got me this time and not my usual laziness. Congrats to Luke Fields (LFmagic) on coming 3rd. You'll win it some day mate.

Still on pace for a decent volume month though which is good since I've been pretty lazy with it the last 6 months or so. I spent most of that time running pretty decent and its harder to take notice of the lack of volume when the $$ are coming easier. By the end of the month I'm looking at having over 1,000 HUsngs played and 19k hands of cash which I'd be pretty happy with

The Firm is really kicking off now which is pretty fun, definitely breaks up the grind doing a bit of coaching and all of my students seem to be doing well so my small stakes SNG army is coming together nicely!

Heres to a run good April anyway

On The Cash Grind

I guess we can kick off by saying that my 5/10 bubble has burst, busted iPoker account with standard runbad plus playing short rolled and ended up having to take a trip to DTD in Nottingham at half 11 on a sunday night to recover my life funds that were on deposit there. Nicked £1k playing 1/2 which the way I'm running right now is pretty miraculous.

Pretty much everything online in February has gone terrible besides staking. Backing Luke Fields for heads up PLO on a few euro sites and he's crushing which is just about breaking me even for the month. Pretty tilted that my PTR looks horrible but when you run KK into AA 17 times in a week thats gunna happen when theres only a small sample of cash hands on there. Its pretty well known that PTR doesn't track 100% accurately but its pretty good at picking up the big pots. This should be a good thing for me right now 'cos it shows me as a fish but I still can't get action from breakeven regs on iPoker which is also pretty frustrating.

I'm kinda disolusioned with holdem at the moment but the 5/10 games on ipoker still have some ridiculously good spots in them so i'll be persevering and things should turn around. Live has been going alright, winning a bit playing the £5/10 game in notts once a week and with the lineup there its always a fun game to be in even if its only for the social side.

Hilarious night out for Matt Franklands birthday in Leeds last saturday. Kicked off in an amazing Sushi restaurant in Granary Wharf where the chefs cook your food in front of you on massive hot plates built into the tables. They put on a cool show chucking food about and trying to flick bits of fried egg into peoples mouths. It was the first time I've ever eaten sushi and am definitely a fan. Five of the ten that ate bought out and I managed to bink second at CCR for the buyout money so happy to get paid £200 to eat! After crushing beer pong pretty hard we all ended up in HiFi which was pretty cool not that I remember much. Ended up getting picked up in a hummer and driven to a ropey strip club which apparently is pretty standard in Leeds but doesn't happen in Sheffield. Me and luke sacked off the strip club and ended up going to the Gala to play 1/2 with a few of lukes uni mates. Obv we drop £1k there and end up back at the hotel ridic tilted at 6am but was still a good night out - definitely makes me consider moving to Leeds when my contract in Sheffield runs out.

Loads of non-poker stuff coming up this month, got 4 ice hockey games for Sheffield Uni in March including an epic coach trip from Sheffield to Ayr in Scotland. Theres nothing quite like getting smashed on a coach and needing multiple emergency stops for a piss on the hard shoulder trying to fade the police seeing you.

I'm off home for a few days to just chill and clear my head before getting back on the grind at the weekend after the DTD 300. The 5 year anniversary Sunday Million is coming up so it'd be nice to run good in that, bink a mil and a lambo one time?

Time to crush March - gogogogogo

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