March Roundup - Rakeback pro

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So March turned out to be a bit of a car crash. Online ended up being just about break even after rakeback but in the last week I managed to run hilariously bad, dropping about 50 buyins in 500 games. There was definitely a bit of tilt-induced bad play in there though. The fold button gets a whole lot smaller when you're losing chunks.

March HUSNG graph:

On the plus side with just under $7k rakeback it was still a winning month in those games and its my best month ever volume-wise which consisering I also played 40k cash hands and didn't play over the DTD deepstack weekend is pretty big.

People tend to fall into one of two categories during big downswings. Some decide that they hate poker, never wanna play again and take some time out but others just play a ton to force their way out of it which is what I tend to do. Apparently it didn't go too well but whatever, its only money right?

Still undecided about whether I want to go to Vegas or not this summer. I'll probably decide largely on April and May go. If I don't go i'll just buy a ton of action from people that I know so I should get a few decent sweats.

Goals for April are to match or better my HUSNG volume. I'm aiming for 1500 which should be very doable with no plans to play live this month.

Have a rungood April

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