Vegas Volume 1

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So heres little old me under the bright lights of Las Vegas. It turns out that this city is everything that you'd expect it to be. Its as impressive, exciting and buzzing as you'd expect it to be but its also as sleezy and money-mad so you'd expect. I'd say overall its a great place to be but I certainly couldn't live here. Its so easy to get caught up in the extravagence of it all that you end up burning through money pretty quick. Luckily the games are another level of soft so you can recoup it pretty quick!

The first couple of weeks in Vegas I was staying at Vdara which is in a development called City Centre. The Aria casino is the main building there which looks pretty awesome when its all lit up

Poker for the first week was pretty good. It was a nice change to be able to roll out of bed, go across the road and find a good 5/10 game rather than having to get on a train to Nottingham! I got off to a pretty good start playing cash, was winning ~$5k but a few tilted post-tournament bust sessions put pay to that. Discipline is certainly something that is easier to lose in Vegas than it is anywhere else.

I did manage a decent cash in a WSOP event though coming 12th in the $2.5k 6max for $34k which covers most of my tournament buyins for the trip so as long as I don't knock in a ton of money playing cash games it'll be tough for me to have a losing Vegas which is nice!

Apart from the 12th its been bricks everywhere in tournaments but I feel like I've played well, just haven't had any breaks in the other tournaments. There are still six to go though, three of which I'm pretty psyched for. Theres the $2.5k Venetian on Monday, the $5k Venetian Main Event and the $10k WSOP Main Event.

Our stay at Vdara ended a few nights ago so myself and Luke (LFmagic) decided to stay at Bellagio for the remainder of the trip so we're grinding cash games here pretty hard to qualify for the poker room rate which would knock chunks off our hotel bill and the games are soft too so its a win win.

The restaurants here in Vegas have been incredible despite the ridiculously huge portion sizes. I've yet to see anyone complete 3 courses - not sure its even possible outside a sushi place. Went to Tau Asian Bistro at The Venetian with lildave and some of his housemates. The chef's taster menu was probably the best meal I've ever eaten. There are also a ton of ridiculously good steak places here. Vegas seems to have an obsession with Kobe Beef (japanese steak - apparently they massage the cows which is why its so good!) so its served everywhere but its incredible.

Cash game results at the Bellagio have been really good so far, booked at $4.6k win last night and playing again tonight so hopefully my good run continues!

Here There and Everywhere

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It turns out that when you're as good at finding excuses not to do things as I am its pretty hard to come up with a blog post every week. Its certainly not for lack of content - its exactly the opposite. The last 3 weeks have been insane good and theres just too much to write about and with a 3 week gap theres no way I could do it all justice so I'll try to keep it brief.

I was still in Cork for the tail end of the SCOOP which didn't go well, bricked everything which was pretty annoying 'cos the staking package I sold returned $0 but not to worry, WSOP round the corner right? Anyway as I mentioned in the previous post I had to get from Cork to Barcelona which they've made very difficult. Gerard Harraghy decided to be the hero giving me a lift from Cork to Dublin. A train a plane and an automobile later I arrived at the villa in Barcelona for the heads up SNG boot camp.

Barcelona was pretty crazy - I learned loads and crushed for the 2 weeks I could play before Vegas which was cool, also to people that were there were all complete heroes. So many crazy nights out and I absolutely fell in love with Barca. A few of the coaches were US players looking to relocate and there are tentative plans to get a heads up SNG grind house with Pistons87, FrankThomas8 and Raised By Jews plus others in Barcelona which would be awesome - any excuse to travel some more!

The WPT was in town at the same time and since I was reliably informed that it was one of the softest big buyin events out there so I decided to play it. Had a super sigh bust in 20th where young Polish guy with all the chips makes a really spewy 3bet/call from the SB vs my UTG+1 open with 99 < KQs for twice average at 2table. The guy final table bubbles overbet 4balling Q6o into QQ, wp. Still, my first WPT event and first cash, ship the spanish flag on the hendon mob profile.

I was supposed to have a week to chill at home before heading off to Vegas for the World Series but this didn't really happen since I had to get back to Sheffield and move all of my stuff into storage because the lease on my house runs out while I'm in Vegas. Managed to do that and get back down to London to spend the weekend with the family which was nice then it was straight back to London to chill at the PLO grind house the night before the Vegas flight.

Obviously it had to end up at a casino and it was The International this time where we got a pretty ridiculous 6 card PLO game going with myself, Luke Fields, Joejoe Whittaker and Tony Jacobs. Cliffs: Luke runs absolutely golden, doesn't lose a pot for 4 hours and gets the lot.

We meet up with Si Mitchell at the airport and the flight goes smoothly, managed to sleep through most of it which was a result. Vegas deserves many posts all of its own so I'll cut this one here but I'm pretty excited to be hitting the World Series, run good for 7 weeks please?


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