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Fortunate as I am to be able to play poker for a living, new experiences are never all that far away but last weekends RAM Records gig at Ewer St. Car Park in London was definitely one to remember! Had a great team for the night with friends making the trip from Sheffield, Essex, Cambridge, Hull and Bristol to get involved and was well worth the journey!

Aside from the aforementioned jaunt its been mainly just spending time with family for birthdays and with my girlfriend for the last couple of weeks. Usually when I'm staying at home for a bit I play a ton of poker and have tended to do really well. I'm definitely more focused in an almost completely distraction-free environment and since I'm not in contact with many people from my old schools I have no shortage of time on my hands. This time though I actually spent a bit more time with family and less time in front of my laptop so volume wasn't quite as I would have expected. I had a vague goal of playing 40-50 hours and booking somewhere in the region of a 50 buyin winning trip home.

I didn't quite make the volume goals with 33 hours played but my February rungood has followed through into March and I managed to book a 45 buyin win running a few percentage points above EV so I'll definitely take that!

For now its back to Beverley for a couple of weeks of grinding and mourning the loss of DnB gigs. Nothing lined up 'till Brixton in late May since a family wedding in Scotland has fallen on the weekend of (a) the biggest night out of the year so far - a Hospital Records night in Leeds and (b) The £1k Monte Carlo tournamnet at DTD which would have been a great chance to catch up with a ton of people that I haven't seen for a while since I had to take a break from the live tournament circuit grindings late last year.

Some very interesting news appeared last week regarding the ISPT (International Stadiums Poker Tour) with the announcement that DTD were getting behind it, guaranteeing 1st place a €1m and putting on a huge satellite structure. Now that the event actually has some legitimacy behind it in stark contrast to the shambles that it looked a lock to turn into a few weeks ago, I'm definitely going to be grinding the satellite structure pretty hard and hopefully be making a run at Wembley when Day 2 of the event kicks off there at the end of May.

The PokerBet book is still open at Titan to back The Firm players at GUKPT Didsbury in 3 weeks time. The field is looking like being reasonably small in comparison to most live £500 events in the UK these days so if you want to back me or any other Team Titan player and get £35 in free bets with Titan for creating an account, check out the link with all the details here:

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2013 So Far, Joining Titan and PokerBet Launch

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Well its been a crazy hectic year so far! After deciding to go for Supernova on Stars in September I ended up playing a ton of poker to round out 2012, unfortunately as December loomed and the VPPs weren't racking up as fast as they needed to be I ended up having to grind out a ton of hyper turbo heads up SNGs to get there which didn't exactly go swimmingly. I ended up limping over the line with a bit of a battered bankroll but looking forward to playing a more manageable number of tables in 2013 and concentrating on my game a lot more instead of robotic button-mashing!

 Playing volume was pretty light at the start of the year but having some time off definitely helped my mindset immensely. There tends to be a bit of a split amongst players coming off a big downswing. People tend to either want to put in huge volume and grind their way out of it, others take some time out and do a bit more studying. Before this year I was firmly in the insane grinding camp, happy to just go into lockdown and put in massive volume until its over. Not so much now though and I'm pretty happy with my decision to chill for a bit and work on my game some more instead. I ended up playing pretty light volume during the week and spending weekends in Sheffield/Leeds/London grinding the DnB gig circuit.

 February marked a return to a more reasonable level of poker volume and luckily things started off well and continued in that vein. I'm playing pretty small compared to this time last year but crushing the games is huge for confidence and when I'm feeling good about my play I'm just going to play so much better. Obviously its no secret that fewer tables and greater concentration should lead to higher ROIs but I think its something that I let slip away from me a bit last year so its nice to return to some discipline and its showing in my results. Maybe its a symptom of getting a bit older but I don't so much want to win the world and play as high as I possibly can any more. I'm happy being a bankroll nit and just having a easy life. I've taken some pretty big shots in my poker career but I'm not one of the doom sayers that predict that poker will be unbeatable in a few years and at 23 time is firmly on my side, so for now it'll be slowly slowly catch monkey in terms of moving back up to the levels I was playing a year or so ago.

2013 So Far

I've recently joined Team Titan along with lil Dave, Stu Rutter, Ben Jenkins and Ben Jones which is a really exciting prospect. They're all great players and it'll be fun representing the biggest room on iPoker at live events around the country.


Yesterday the new betting service from Titan and The Firm went live. It's called PokerBet and it allows you to bet on Team Titan players through the sportsbook. If the player you bet on final tables the bet returns whatever multiple of the buyin the player cashes for. The first event will be GUKPT Didsbury which is a £500 buyin so for example if you bet on me, I final table and cash for £3,500 the bet returns 7x your stake. The Firm will be doing live updates for all Team Titan players so it should make for a great sweat and hopefully it'll catch on!

 Sign up to Titan using Promo Code: PokerBet and deposit £35 and you get another £35 in free bets

Full details and FAQ available here:

 Happy Punting
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